What is it about Paul Walker?


Although the sad passing of Paul Walker was two weeks ago today, it is still clear to see how his death has touched thousands of people across the world.

For some, it’s hard to understand how so many can be upset over the death of a man they’ve never met. However if you’re a car enthusiast then you probably don’t need an explanation as to why this is.

Paul appeared on screen as Brian O’Conner twelve years ago in “The Fast and the Furious”. The popularity and influence this movie had in the car world was unprecedented and introduced a new and ever increasing fan base to cars, racing and  the modification scene. With Tokyo Drift excluded, (notably the weakest of the F&F movies, evidently Paul never featured in this film) the franchise is one of the only films ever to continue to be more successful with each new release.
I think this speaks volumes about Paul and his ability to play the role of Brian O’ Conner, who was a key part of the close group of friends that exist within these movies. This film franchise is like shining a light on the car scene for the rest of the world to see. They show that car enthusiasts are a close knit community filled with good people who are willing to help other car fans whenever they are in need. And this is undoubtedly evident in the heart filled condolences for Paul from all over the world. The internet has been bombarded with tributes, I have seen memorial cruises and dedicated film nights arranged in Ireland, UK, USA, Japan and even further afield. All of this is to honour an actor, who off-screen was a private, charitable man and a true car enthusiast.

RIP Paul Walker.

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