APEX: The Story of the Hypercar

On Monday I was very excited to learn that the creators of /DRIVE have made a film on ‘The Story of the Hypercar’.
The film isn’t set for release until 2015, so for now we’ll have to just make do with the trailer that’s just over a minute long. Just from watching the trailer this movie looks set to be one to watch for any car fan, with visually stunning shots featuring some epic hypercars and an interesting soundtrack, it’s ticking all the right boxes for me so far!
For those of you who are lucky enough to be attending this years Jalopnik Film Festival in New York, a 30 minute preview will be screened there at the beginning of November.

“In the last decade, humanity has entered into a new era of engineering achievement: the dawn of the hypercar. These exotic machines represent the extremes of the human condition: our urge to surpass, our will to innovate, our love of speed. But besides are a driving force behind modern advancements in performance, aesthetics, and energy independence, not only in the automotive sector, but for society at large.”

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