Eagle, the company now renowned for its stable of special edition Jaguar E-Types have officially launched the Eagle Spyder GT. With only a few being built, this will join the other Eagle Special Edition E-types as some of the most exclusive hand built cars in the world.

The Spyder GT builds upon the impressive Eagle Speedster by adding a folding roof to offer the best of both worlds – whatever the weather. As with all Eagle Special Editions, the Spyder GT begins life as an original E-Type ready to be restored.

Under the bonnet of the lightweight roadster is a 4.7 litre XK engine, that offers 330bhp an impressive 340 ft lbs of torque, in a car weighing just 1,029 kg. Extensive weight saving measures include a bespoke aluminium monocoque chassis, aluminium gearbox, aluminium engine block and magnesium components. This means the Spyder GT  will power from 0 to 60 mph in just under 5 seconds and has a top speed of over 170mph.

So what can you expect to pay for a special lightweight classic E-type that boasts both performance and modern day reliability? The base price is £695,000 (plus tax) and of course you’ll need to find yourself an E-type.