The first episode of the new Top Gear aired last week and I think it’s fair to say that it received a less than favourable reaction from most. Social media was awash with comments writing the show off before it even started.

Like with the old Top Gear format that everyone grew to love, these things take time to perfect and I’m sure the producers will keep the things that work and drop those that don’t. Many commenters stated that they liked the “Extra Gear” programme, featuring Chris Harris and Rory Reid, better than the main programme.

Despite the bad feedback, the show must go on and a teaser trailer for episode two has now been released. The new episode features Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and Eddie Jordan, racing around in premium SUVs.

“It’s the question that has long puzzled mankind: what’s the best sporting SUV to deliver an A-list musician to the highest pub in Africa?”

See for yourself…