It’s always best to start at the beginning…

I have been meaning to start something like this for quite some time now but there has always been something getting in the way or holding me back from doing so. Today was different though, I gave myself a much needed kick up the arse and proceeded to bite the blogging bullet. Having duly noted the words of the wise witch in the Wizard of OZ when she said, “It’s always best to start at the beginning” I will take this opportunity to introduce myself for those of you who may not know me. First and foremost I am a car lover, an automotive enthusiast or what some would call a “petrol head”. My infatuation with cars goes back as far as I can remember. Having had the large Matchbox collection as a child, I progressed from this into a manic five year old, modifying my first ride-on pedal tractor so that I could vigorously drift “The Banana” (a long steep hill that was close to where I lived). I can vividly recall the tractors orange over black colour scheme and how I removed the oversized orange plastic scoop from the front, as despite being only five, I already had some understanding on the concept of weight saving and aerodynamics. This scoop was big and bulky, and it caught the wind on the way down the hill and since I wasn’t interested in moving muck, it served no purpose… it simply had to go! I knew that more speed meant a longer drift time and when the scoop was off, I began to appreciate the lines and potential of the racer that lay beneath. I drifted that tractor to the point that I wore holes in all of its plastic tyres. I was in desperate need of some new tread so I made a much needed pit stop. My pit crew (my father) had to scavenge some new wheels so that I could continue my junior drift career.  As luck would have it another tractor, which had been discarded in a nearby field by its owner due to a minor fault, would live on in some way as it was parted out to upgrade my agriculturally inspired drift machine. With my wheels changed, I was back in action and ready to hit the hills again. Jump forward twenty years and here I am, a journalist, writing my first piece for my own car blog and I’m just as enthusiastic about the automotive world as the aforementioned tractor drifting five year old. My aim in writing this blog is to discuss and share the latest news, reviews and features from the car world and hopefully I can entertain you to some extent in the process. Pádraig Image

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