Something to look forward to at Christmas and in the New Year

Every year as Christmas approaches I usually find myself stressing over what to buy my nearest and dearest and this year is no different. I even have the added bonus of trying to get my “Secret Santa” something for the whole sum of £5. Seriously?! You would be lucky to get a packet of sweets for that these days, not to mention the fact the person I’m buying for is as rare as a leg of salmon. I realise this may seem a little callous during the season of goodwill but in my defence I feel I should mention the fact he thought it was appropriate to bring his ‘Batarang collection’ (which is essentially an assortment of knives) to an office environment. (And no I’m not kidding by the way, this really happened!). What do you even buy a person like this? Perhaps some more sharp objects that could cause harm and or injury to co-workers?!

Though as a petrol head I can always find some comfort, during this hectic time of year, in the fact that there are always TV programmes geared toward car fanatics. This seasonal televised gift usually comes in the form of the Top Gear Christmas Special, however this year we have been given an additional programme to look forward to with an adrenaline fuelled two part documentary series with actor Idris Elba.

The programme is entitled “Idris Elba: King of Speed” and the first of the two episodes will be broadcast on Thursday 26th December on BBC2 at 8.15pm.

Here is a synopsis from the BBC of what we can expect…

“Episode one sees him travel from his childhood home in East London to Motorcity in Detroit and on to New Jersey, where he reveals the history of the first boy-racers, and explores how our obsession with driving fast has shaped our professional motorsports and popular culture.” 


The second episode is due to air on Friday 27th December from 8.00pm.

“Episode two sees Idris exploring the history of the rallying Mini, and gets to grips with the technology and skills needed to drive at a professional level. He also uncovers how the underground driving craze of drifting began in Japan has become the fastest-growing motorsport in Europe – and how a passion for skill and handling changed the way we Europeans race.

His understanding of the marriage of skill and speed complete, he finally fulfils his personal ambition to drive a full-spec rally car on a genuine Finnish rally course, with plenty of close calls on along the way.”


I have to say after reading the episode descriptions I’m really looking forward to the programme and hopefully Idris Elba can keep us all entertained.

Annoyingly, on the Top Gear front, the new series (series 21) isn’t due to air until January 2014. Although the date has yet to be confirmed there is talk that the trouble making trio will be back on our screens on 26th January, however the Christmas special may be aired prior to this, I will be sure to keep you all updated.


With that being said, Christmas may be an expensive and stressful time of year but at least we have the festive motoring TV specials to look forward to! Oh and one more thing… if my blog suddenly stops, you’ll all know I have been killed by a Batarang. 😐 Merry Christmas!

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